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Steve Tonkin
Accounting and Bookkeeping for Small Business

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Responsive, personal, and local.

Steve has 20 years of accounting experience in various industries, including a Fortune 200 company, partnerships, and sole proprietors.

Starting in 2024, Steve and Cheryl redirected their company’s focus from corporate training to accounting and bookkeeping for small businesses. This shift was driven by their recognition of how inadequate financial reporting can hinder the effectiveness of the best training and consulting.

Steve has rarely seen clean and accurate books. Now, we lift the accounting burden from the business owner so that they can focus on growing their business. Are you growing profitably and ready for future challenges?

We clean up, catch up, or recreate your accounting records using QuickBooks. Your tax preparer, bank lender, and financial advisor will thank you. Your accountant or bookkeeper should be your business partner and support your best interests. We offer a free financial statement review and suggestions about how they can inform your decision-making. We would love to meet with you and discuss your business.

On a personal note, we have lived in Green Mountain for nearly 25 years, have three adult kids, and love to hike together.